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Inhalants at home
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------types of inhalants
------getting high from inhalants
------items needed

Our understanding is that there is no such thing as safe use of inhalants; their psychoactive effects are inseparable from nerve and organ damage. The including of this chapter to the "drug recipes" does not imply that inhalants are anything but dangerous.


VOLATILE SOLVENTS : Gasoline, Turpentine, Butane, Propane, Acetone, Hexane, Ether, Chloroform, XYLOL, Naphtha
Mineral Spirits
Solvent Products : Nail Polish Remover, Lighter Fluid, Paint Thinner, Airplane
Glue, Cleaning Products, Dry Cleaning Fluids, Art Solvents, Correction Fluid,
Felt-tip Markers, Electronic Contact Cleaners, Rubber Cement , shaving cream
GASES : Freon, Helium, Xenon, Nitrous Oxide, Halothane
Aerosol Products : Computer Duster, Hair Spray, Deoderant Spray, Spray Paint,
Cooking Sprays, Spray Cleaners, Fabric Protector, Spray Shoe Polish, Carburetor Cleaners
ANESTHETICS : Nitrous Oxide, Ether, Halothane, Chloroform
NITRITES : Amyl Nitrite, Butyl Nitrite, Cyclohexyl Nitrite, Poppers
Room De-odorizers such as Locker room, Rush, Bolt, Climax, popper

How to use inhalants properly
if you decide you are going to get high from a liquid(inhalant) such as gasoline - you need to do so without getting the fluid on you, or accidentally swallowing some. There are two very common ways this can be done. You will need a plastic bag, your inhalant of choice, and preferably a funnel.
It is very simple. Take your substance of choice, open a plastic bag and pour a small amount of the fluid into the bag. Now, put the bag up to your mouth and breath into the bag, filling it with your breath, then inhale - you will be inhaling the psychoactive fumes, hence you will get high.
Another way this can be done is with a gasoline can.(very common)
This method is not strictly used to get high from gasoline, you can use any liquid substance (inhalant).
You only need a gas can, or container with a pour spout and your substance (inhalant) of choice. You simply fill the bottom of the gasoline can with the fluid, place your mouth around the pour spout, and inhale the psychoactive fumes. it is recommended that you clean the end of the spout or place tape around the end so that you don't digest any gasoline

Getting high from aerosol cans such as "spray paint" or "whipped cream" is pretty much self explanatory. You take the substance of your choice, usually hold the can upright, push the top in to discharge the gas (inhalant) place your mouth over the top and inhale the gas being projected from the can.

Spray paint can be quite messy. There is, however, a way to get around that. You will need a can of spray paint and a towel or other piece of cloth. Spray the paint on the piece of cloth, fold the cloth in half and breath through the clean side. By doing this - as you inhale your breath will act as a vacuum, and carry the fumes from the paint through the cloth into your lungs.

The effects of inhalants are somewhat difficult to explain. You will usually fell very disoriented, almost as if you are very drunk, allot of people will here all sorts of sounds (usually ringing in the ears)... your depth perception will become distorted, things that are 10 away will appear to be right next to your face - and things that are close seem to be far off. You may not be able to tell colors apart.
Have you ever been to the dentist, and had to get a root canal? well, some dentists will put you to sleep, using an anesthetic called "nitrous oxide"(a.k.a.; laughing gas)... if you go to the store and buy canned whipped cream, the gas used to push the cream out is nitrous oxide. ONLY FOUND IN WHIPPED CREAM CANS. In other words the can is pressurized with nitrous oxide or (laughing gas)
Below are tables of the most commonly abused inhalants.

Spray Paint butane; propane (U.S.); fluorocarbon; hydrocarbons; toluene
Hair Spray butane; propane (U.S.); fluorocarbon
Deodorants butane; propane (U.S.); fluorocarbon
Analgesic Spray fluorocarbon
Asthma Spray fluorocarbon

Gaseous nitrous oxide, chloroform
Liquid halothane; enflurane
Local ethyl chloride

Dry Cleaning tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane
Spot removers tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane
Degreasers tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethane; trichloroethylene

Fingernail Polish remover acetone
Paint remover acetone; toluene; methylene chloride; methanol; XYLOL; naphtha; turpentin; Hexane
Paint thiners toluene; methylene chloride; methanol; naphtha
White Out toluene; methylene chloride; methanol
Fuel gasoline; butane; propane
Lighter fluid butane; isopropane
Fire extinguisher bromochlorodifluoromethane

Whipped Cream nitrous oxide
Whippets nitrous oxide

Locker room, Rush, Poppers, Bolt, Climax (iso) amyl nitrite; (iso)butytl nitrite; (iso) propyl nitrite;butyl nitrite